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Welcome to the NABA, where adults of all ages and abilities can find a wholesome and satisfying opportunity to play America’s favorite pastime—–BASEBALL, and where YOU have a terrific opportunity to become a community leader and establish yourself as a successful small business entrepreneur.    Please read the enclosed information carefully and thoroughly.  It will give you a better idea of what you can expect in the event you are selected to fill the position of NABA League President in your area, and what we can expect from you.  If you are selected as a League President, you’ll be joining over 100 others from all over the country, who provide a great service to their communities by establishing a well organized program, backed by one of the nation’s fastest growing Adult Baseball organization.  

We are looking for LEADERS—–self-starters who will work with our National staff to build and maintain a well structured, fun and competitive baseball league in their communities.  NABA will provide you with lots of assistance and materials to make the job easier.  Once you’re accepted as a League President and officially signed an agreement, we will give you password protected access to our League President's Dugout, loaded with ideas and suggestions on how to get things going in your area.  NABA will provide you with attractive, full color NABA posters that can be placed around your area to spread the word that NABA is coming to town.  We’ll also provide you with a complete NABA League President Manual—an invaluable, step-by-step guide to organizing and operating a successful NABA league.  And, we will make available to you brochures that tell prospective players, player-managers, and potential field providers what NABA is all about. 

For detailed information pertaining to starting your own league and why you would want to affiliatie with the National Adult Baseball Association please click on the link below.  

Starting a League Info: Click here.


NABA League President Duties

The most important functions of a League President are:

1. Obtain Fields

2. Find, Negotiate with Umpires   

3. Collect League Fees

4. Communicate, Administer

If this sounds like something YOU would like to be a part of, tell us about yourself by completing the league president application below.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the NABA National Office.

5944 S. Kipling St.
Suite 200
Littleton, Colorado 80127
Phone: 303.639.9955
Fax: 303.639.6605

If you are interested in filling out an application to become a president of a League in your area: Click here.

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