League Championship Award Program
Every NABA League Champion receives a $500 gift certificate to our World Championship Series either in Phoenix, Arizona, or Jupiter, Florida

Discounts on NABA Tournaments
All NABA league teams receive a discount when they play in NABA tournaments for being a part of an NABA league. Each NABA tournament offers a discount and the price varies for each tournament. Check each tournament link for more details.  PLEASE NOTE:  THE NABA LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP AWARD CERTIFICATE CANNOT BE USED IN CONJUNCTION WITH ANOTHER DISCOUNT AT THE SAME TIME FOR ANY NATIONAL TOURNAMENT OR THE WORLD SERIES.

Online Registration
The NABA offers free online registration to all of our members through our own online registration system called Iballstats! This allows the team manager to have more organization to know who has registered on his team, and to develop his roster, and communicate with the team. It also allows the League President to maintain registration with all players and teams and to develop a database with the ability to communicate to the league managers and players.

Customize League Options Programs
The NABA offers discounts on league options. Each league has the opportunity to purchase league shirts, awards, equipment, and baseballs at discounted fees. We will customize anything you want. We can use our logo or yours. With the huge volume NABA orders with awards, we can get substantial discounts on league options.

$2,000,000 Liability & Secondary Medical:
Through a national program, NABA offers a $2,000,000 liability & secondary medical insurance policy to all leagues at a affordable discounted rate. All administration is done through our national office. Certificates are processed on a timely matter and forwarded the same day.

NABA Logo Baseballs from Diamond Sports:
The NABA official baseball is furnished by Diamond Sports, which carries the official NABA logo on the ball. This quality ball is a D-1 series ball and all league and members can purchase a dozen baseballs for $45 with FREE shipping. Leagues with big orders will be able to brand their own log on the balls.

NABA Managers Rulebooks:
Managers of teams in the NABA will receive FREE a Managers Rulebook complete with all playing rules, tournaments and managerial materials forms attached like All-Star ballots, players trade or drop notice, player evaluation form for tryouts, umpire evaluation form and many more useful forms. Each manager also gets a sponsorship letter for assistance on getting a company sponsor for your league.

NABA League Administration Materials:
All NABA Leagues receive FREE Player & Managers Registration Contract Forms, FREE Roster Form Envelopes and online interactive website for all operational resources for all local league presidents (League Presidents Dugout) and team managers (Team Managers Dugout). The NABA also provides telephone support through our national office staff.

NABA National Web site:
The NABA has developed its own website you can visit us at for information about leagues, tournaments, and other news. We also have an online, secure NABA Merchandise Store stocked with only original NABA logo merchandise, where all types of sporting goods and equipment can be purchased over the Internet.

NABA Tournament Participation:

World Championship Series Phoenix & Florida

By becoming an affiliated member of the National Adult Baseball Association, your league or team can enter our annual World Championship Series held in Arizona or Florida. For 20 years, NABA has hosted teams from all over the U.S., as well as teams from Canada and the Virgin Islands. The tournaments are a sample of what NABA standards are and brings together the majority of our leagues together for healthy competition and camaraderie.

National & Regional tournaments in several locations throughout the year

Click on the NABA Tournaments link above for a complete list of tournaments. NABA-affiliated teams and players receive discounts when they register to play in these events. Online registration makes for easy payment.

NABA Sponsors, Equipment & Uniforms:
NABA has many sponsors like Diamond Sports, which not only supplies baseball for its leagues but also provide discounted wholesale prices on uniforms, equipment and other merchandise.  

NABA Sponsor

Sports Authority is the official sporting goods supplier of the NABA.  Each month Sports Authority sponsors all of our player members and their families with discounted coupons toward purchases at Sports Authority.  Each League President has the opportunity to use their local sports authority to promote their league.

NABA Promotional Materials:
Our brochures provide basic background and benefit information and are excellent sources for player information. The NABA National poster can be used to advertise your local league. It, too, outlines membership benefits and includes a section for local league contact information.

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